Helga Waess

The World As It Is

Dimitri Davies' photographs show us the world "as it is".
How is it, if one looks through the eyepiece and reduces the world to one moment.

The world is a photo. And the photo enriches seeing and thinking.
A face can be a landscape, a map of life, and our perception is fixed for a moment, reduced to the examination of the photo, and throug the eyes of a photographer. One moment everything stops and will be considered. There is plenty of space for imagination, feeling and interpretion.
Photo art is not just a click, but a life, a study, dealing with the possibility of the material and design.

Dimitri Davies Art Photography, here in exhibition format and black and white, taken in the old way to show us the world which is worth to be seen.


1966 - born and raised in St.Petersburg. Graduated from the State University of Culture and Arts, where studied photography and movie direction. During the study spent a couple of years for photography teaching for children.

After a while on four continents went to Munich, Bavaria, and now living there for dozens years.

He works mostly with the film and classical chemical development. Some themes are full of 'photographic charming' and feelings which he expressed in his works.

Since 2007 owner of the photographic studio
Member of DJV (German Jorunalists Union)



Dimitri Davies © 2014